About PicMed

PicMed is a nationwide provider of worksite wellness programs, biometric screenings,  and flu shot clinics. It was incorporated in 1992 to help employers and their workforce control healthcare costs. We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and provide services to clients of various shapes and size. Our services have grown through client request to provide a full spectrum of services that can be packaged as a comprehensive program or purchased separately for integration into a group’s specific needs. Our company serves all types of industries, such as manufacturing, service, and government, which can include self-funded or fully insured companies. In addition, to serving employer clients we partner with brokers, consultants , third party administrators (TPA), disease management firms and insurance companies for distribution and integration of services.

PicMed’s History

maptulsaPicMed originally opened its first medical clinic in 1992 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From the beginning, PicMed has been a wellness clinic concentrating on workplace drug testing and immunization services. To meet the needs of its business partners, the clinic has opened additional physical locations, expanded its geographical reach, and added to its menu of services. However, PicMed has not changed its focus on corporate wellness. The company’s overall mission is to help organizations discover the early indicators of health risk and/or to immunize against any potential health threats.

Our Vision

To mitigate risk with early intervention services, improve health through wellness programs, and advance the management of existing illness, our solutions lower absenteeism, raise productivity and bring health care costs under control.