PicMed Difference

Nationwide Biometric Screening


PicMed travels throughout the country to provide its wellness services and biometric screenings. Especially beneficial to companies with multi-state locations, PicMed can have its staff travel far and wide to meets its partner’s wellness goals.

Remote Locations: There are no locations too remote or too small for PicMed to service. We realize that all parts of a business are essential to success so we make ourselves available to us much of the employee population as a company sees fit, no matter where or when.

Management of Service

We don’t outsource: Where most screening companies merely outsource their services to local staffing agencies, PicMed sends its staff to conduct on-site screenings or immunizations. What we achieve by sending our medical personnel is consistency of testing protocol and measurements, reliable and timely administration of tests, and direct supervision my PicMed management. In the rare case that we are unable to send our screeners/immunizers, PicMed will either have a manager on-site or in direct contact with the companies designated representative.

Low minimum participation requirement: PicMed realizes that each company has its own unique goals and logistics. Therefore, we don’t practice a “one size fits all” philosophy. Our minimum participation numbers will depend upon remoteness of location, scope of screening, and overall company employee population. Again, we want to make certain that a company has affordable choices when it comes to servicing its more remote and smaller locations.


PicMed understands that disease and health risk indicators are an evolving scenario. Therefore, we attempt to use the most recent and best research, test indicators, and equipment to measure an employee’s risk. Through this, we know that the indicators that we measure are the most accurate available and the best for individuals and management to use when making strategic health decisions. Just a couple of examples of our commitment to accuracy and innovation are below.

Body Composition Analyzer

In Body Body Composition Analyzer: many methods are currently in use to measure obesity: BMI, waist measurement, et al. But these measurements fall short in giving patients information outside of “you are not within normal ranges”. Additionally, these tests are skewed by the methodology of measurement. The InBody takes out all of the variables and provides accurate measurements from which patients can make a strategic health plan. The InBody provides fat, muscle, and water mass measurements. It tells the patient exactly where excess fat is located for specific targeting. It gives quantitative advice about how much fat versus muscle to gain or lose and provides basal metabolic information that can aid an employee with a diet plan.

HbA1c analyzer: The A1C test is the best and most accurate screening method to detect diabetes. Where simple glucose tests merely give a snapshot of blood sugar levels, the A1C test looks at a 90m day average of glucose levels, thusly detecting spiking or depressed glucose levels and negating the influence of food and drink on the tests. Moreover, this uses a finger stick method of sample collection and measurements are in hand within three minutes. How effective is it to be able to tell a patient that they are currently in a diabetic or pre-diabetic state on the spot?

Reporting and Health Risk Assessment

Data integration into the HRA is seamless, coming directly from PicMed. Screening results are uploaded directly into the participants HRA before they even sign in. This ensures that accurate information is incorporated into the HRA.

Employee Engagement

Traditional complex programs often forget who is at most risk and the population they are trying to engage.  Setting large unrealistic goals or blaming failure on lack of willpower will not trigger the changes and help improve bad habits.  Falsely assuming model works for all companies and work cultures is a recipe for failure.  We all desire positive behavior changes, the question is how to best trigger those changes.

Screening Options

Onsite Health Screening – PicMed has a  national network of medical professionals available to  conduct on-site screening.  Participants can sign up online or make appointments by phone. PicMed sends text or email reminders to make sure they are prepared.

Primary Care Physicians – Participants who prefer to visit their personal physicians can  download a form to take with them to their doctors visit. All results are confidentially kept and recorded by PicMed’s staff and include in overall aggregate data.

Lab Partners and Pharmacies– Participants have access to all Quest or LabCorp Patient Service centers.

Occupational Clinic Partners – PicMed Screening Network PSN is made up one of the largest coast-to-coast networks in the country for physicals, lab work, and health screening