Flu Shots Nurse & Wellness Event Team

Our company is a national provider of on-site health services for employers. On-site events we can provide biometric health screenings and Flu shots.

Looking for Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses CNAs, Medical Assistants, Phlebotomist, Nurse, EMTs, Healthcare Student nurses.

Health Screenings process is all digital and score review occurs after measurements are taken so three attributes of screeners that we must have are; Ability to work quickly with tablet based applications, Good communication skills to properly impart information, and  Good personality so patients are engaged in the process. Other qualities or skills that are sought:

San Antonio, TX flu shots

Peoria, IL flu shots

Dallas Metro Flu Shot nurse


New Lenox, IL flu shots

Bloomington, Illinois

Atlanta, Georgia Wellness Team

Tempe/Phoenix Team

Greeley, Colorado

Charlottesville, VA

Lincoln, Nebraska

Columbus, Ohio

Richardson TX Temp Screening

Irving Texas Temp Screening

Tampa/Sarasota nurse

Dallas Wellness Team

Houston flu shot nurse

Midland/Odessa flu shots

Cleveland OH flu shot nurse

San Diego flu shot nurse

Austin, Texas

Kansas City flu shots

Central Florida flu shots

Pennsylvania flu shots

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Ok

Miami, Florida

NW Arkansas

Flu Central Arkansas


Atlanta Metro

Jacksonville, Florida

Bakersfield, California

East Texas Flu Shot Nurse

Miami, Florida

Flu Shot Little Rock, Arkansas

Flu Shots Nurse Phoenix/Tempe

Flu Shot Nurse Seattle/Tacoma

Flu Shot Nurse Atlanta Metro

Flu Shot Nurse Jacksonville Florida

Lincoln Nebraska Flu Shot Nurse

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 We are currently trying to staff 1000s of event nationwide.  Please no calls.