Nationwide Network

PicMed  has a simple process of managing and scheduling medical services for your workforce. Even if your employees are scattered across the country, our program——makes it easy to organize, track and set appointments for employees’ medical events.

PicMed  streamlines the collection of biometric data through a combination of onsite, in-clinic, and at-home screening options. In addition to these options PicMed also gathers data from Primary Care physicians, Workplace Clinic partners, Occupational clinic, and lab partners.



PicMed Screening Network PSN  is made up one of the largest coast-to-coast networks in the country for physicals, lab work,  and health screening. Whether you need a lab test in Bellingham, Washington or TB test in Amelia Island, Florida our network has your needs covered.

Our national scale gives us leverage, and flexibility that enables us to zero-in on the most effective screening programs and engagement in the country.