Off site options

Offsite screening options:

us_map_icon(EOHN) provider partner – 3500 locations

PicMed is a partner of the EHON a network of occupational clinic partners nationwide.  Through our network we are able to offer a variety of services in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

whiteLogoLapcorp- 1700 locations

Labcorp- Our partner Labcorp has 1700 Service Center available nationwide and has opened their network to PicMed Wellness Nationwide.

logo.qdQuest Diagnostic Labs- 2,200 Patient Service Centers Nationwide

Our partner, Quest Diagnostics supports over 2,200 Patient Service Centers nationwide. Quest Diagnostics has opened their entire network to PicMed Wellness. A list of Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers can be found by visiting our online Lab Locator.