Health Risk Assessments

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A health risk assessment (HRA) is the foundation of any successful wellness program. The PicMed HRA – Wellness Profile (PWP) Advantage – are the most comprehensive, customizable, and scientifically-based Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) on the market. The PWP is unsurpassed in its ability to reflect the unique needs of your organization. Based on many years of experience, our HRA gives you the power to assess risk, target specific groups, track progress, and evaluate cost-benefit.

With more than 50% of our customer base is in the healthcare industry it shows that our HRA is one of the most industry-recognized & respected on the market

Others using the same HRA:

  • Johns Hopkins
  • BCBS
  • Dept. of Energy
  • Arizona State University
  • Microsoft

Certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Ideal solution for all companies, regardless of experience with wellness

  • Healthcare Providers and Plans
  • Government Agencies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Corporations
  • Our products are continually updated to reflect the latest scientific research

Whether you are building your first wellness program or looking to enhance an existing one, we provide the ideal solution.

Key features of the PicMed Wellness Profile as a program administrator:

  • Questionnaire and reporting is available in both online and paper formats
  • Process the assessments yourself or have us process them for you
  • Personalize messaging
  • Custom administrative reports
  • NCQA and HIPAA compliant
  • Easily arrange data into groups and subgroups  Available in Spanish, Canadian-French, and Canadian-English

Key features of the PicMed Wellness Profile as a participant:

  • Easy-to-complete online or written questionnaires
  • 14-page individual report
  • Links from the report to extensive health improvement content
  • Access to the your web portal
  • online nutritional program

HRA Processing

Our HRA processing services are an ideal way for your organization to ensure complete confidentiality for your participants. HRA processing is also ideal if you do not have the resources to invest in software and equipment, but want to provide an HRA to your employees. We provide the processing and reports, and you pay for completed assessments only – and we’ll bill you monthly. All data collected is managed and securely retained for future comparison.

How it Works

  •  We provide you with the health assessment online or paper questionnaires.
  • You collect the completed forms, and return them to us for processing.
  •  We scan all questionnaires into our database for report building.

HRA Reports

  1. Personal Reports – informs participants of their HRA results and offers next steps; can be mailed to you or directly to the participants. 
  2. Physician Summary – a one-page summary of risk factors for a participant to give to their physician.
  3. Executive Summary – compares your population’s health risks against national norms.
  4. Productivity and Economic Benefit Report(PEBR) – analyzes potential savings in health claims, presenteeism, and absenteeism.
  5. Group Summary – provides graphical representation for nearly every risk factor, allowing you to easily view the prominent risk factors in your organization.
  6. Trend Report – illustrates the impact of your wellness efforts by showing changes and improvements from previous testing periods.