Corporate Health

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Corporate Health and Wellness

Research shows that corporate health and wellness programs significantly reduce overall healthcare costs for employers. The availability of disease prevention, health education, screenings, and wellness services promotes health in the work place and creates a happier and more satisfied employee population. We design wellness programs to mirror a company’s specific needs and culture while focusing on detection, prevention, and lifestyle improvement. We not only identify those employees with excess weight, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol or other risk factors, but also provide resources and solutions to reduce an employees inclusion in health risk categories.  Our goal is to prevent long term illness and disease and lower their associated health care costs.

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs may include:

  • Individual Health Risk Assessments
  • Executive Summary Reports
  • Annual Health and Wellness Screenings
  • Specific Case-Management for Designated Employees
  • Smoking Cessation Presentation and Referrals
  • Personal Support to Company Contact Including Resource Kit
  • First Aid and CPR Certification Class
  • Lunch and Learn Programs
  • etrim: online nutrition counselor and meal planner
  • Employee incentive programs to promote participation

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