Wellness Services

Benefits Of Worksite Wellness

Recent research has demonstrated that employer health promotion programs can be directly linked to improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, health knowledge,health behaviors and reduction in chronic health conditions. In fact, some research has indicated that for every dollar invested in worksite health promotion, there is a medical cost savings of $3.48 and absenteeism cost savings of as much as $5.82. As health care costs continue to escalate, we believe this kind of potential savings is worth the investment.

PicMed and its customers throughout the nation know there is a more effective model for changing patient behavior and providing disease management: onsite health coaches and onsite health programs.

PicMed Nationwide  health solutions include health coaching, health maintenance and prevention, disease management,  absence management,  and employee screening services for employers with large, dispersed workforces.

Our personalized wellness experience reduces health risks and improves productivity. Picmed’s suite of Wellness programs offers a participant-centric approach. Our programs empower individuals to make lasting changes in behavior that increase productivity and control healthcare costs.

We offer connectivity to the most relevant tools and information available. Our health coaches provide guidance, support and education based on individual needs. As a result, individuals become more engaged in their own healthcare, resulting in lower health risks and reduced healthcare costs.

Our online, telephonic and on-site components are designed to integrate across all health management services (e.g., chronic care and complex case management), offering a seamless and personalized experience.