National Drug Testing for Casinos

PicMed offers comprehensive, customized drug testing for Casinos. We have  all-inclusive programs that  allow employers to manage all aspects of an drug testing from collection, MRO review, to web-based results reporting.

For casinos, security is of great importance. It is critical for employers in the casino industry to insure the best drug testing procedures are in place. PicMed’s experience in working with casinos and the different challenges faced by a variety of  facilities is a great asset in creating the right policy.  Whether you have a need for instant onsite testing, remote or after-hours collections or lab based test for drugs and alcohol, PicMed has the experience and the ability to customize the right program for you.  Call us today for a no obligation proposal.

Other industries that benefit from PicMed’s  Onsite collection solution:

  • Hospitals
  • Construction Companies
  • Large Schools
  • Remote Employers
  • Any large employer hiring at least 50 employees per month

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