Incentive Tracking

The impact of incentives

PicMed’s clinical incentive packages were created to address employers’ increased interest in using incentive solutions to motivate individuals to engage in healthier behaviors that may result in health care cost containment.

Our incentive capabilities are coupled with wellness and clinical programs spanning the entire health care continuum. Effective incentive solutions can help employers drive participation in clinical and preventive programs that may promote life-long adoption of healthy choices that can result in healthier, more productive employees

Do incentives really work?

A recent study of UnitedHealthcare employer groups, representing nearly 40,000 members, compared results for health assessment and online health coach completion statistics when incentives are offered and when they are not. The results showed:

  • More than 70% completion of Health Assessment with incentives compared with 10% completion with no incentives
  • 31% completion of Wellness Coaching programs with incentives compared to 3% completion with no incentives
  • As high as 90% participation with on-site biometric screenings when incentives are offered

Drive Online Engagement with Incentive Rewards

Many organizations are using incentives as a way of encouraging consumers to participate in health management programs and to ultimately change unhealthy behaviors. PicMed Solutions’ Incentive Tracking and Management provides an end-to-end solution that includes incentive program promotion, tracking, reporting and fulfillment — everything you need to execute a highly successful incentive strategy.


Healthy actions have their rewards. A comprehensive incentive strategy can increase health assessment participation and drive engagement in “next step” activities, such as Online Health Coach and Personal Health Assessment. Plus, PicMed reduces the administrative burden of implementing an incentive campaign with reporting and gift card fulfillment capabilities. We can also leverage our experience to consult with you on incentive design, communication strategies and activation ideas.

 Incentive or Penalty Tracking

PicMed provides incentive tracking through its reporting programs or the data is easily integrated into any employer’s system so that incentive or penalty tracking is accurate and seamless.