Weight Management

Our Thrive personal coaching program is an evidence-based personal coaching program designed to achieve measurable, sustainable weight loss. Unlike “self-help” weight loss products, the Thrive program is delivered through regular phone-based coaching sessions with a dedicated coach, registered dietitian, or fitness specialist. The experience is highly personalized, deeply supportive, and proven effective. Participants set realistic weight loss goals and then learn how, through small, tailored changes across multiple behaviors, to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives. Participants can expect a reduction in weight by at least 5 percent, increased knowledge and confidence, and significant improvements in nutrition, activity, stress, blood pressure, cholesterol, and overall health.

Personal Coaching:

  • 11 scheduled phone-based sessions with a dedicated coach, registered nurses, or fitness specialist
  • Unlimited inbound phone access to coaches
  • Activities assigned for completion between coaching calls
  • Unlimited e-coaching via email, live chat, and online forum

Engagement Tools:

  • Activity Monitor: Uploads steps, calories burned, distance, and activity duration wirelessly to the Thrive website.
  • In Home A1C/Diabetes and Cholesterol Panel Test Kit (optional). Results available via the corporate health website.
  • Getting Started Guide, Tape Measure, Food Journal
  • Monthly e-Newsletter

Online Tools:

  • Trackers for weight, healthy eating, physical activity, stress, biometrics
  • To-do list from dedicated coach
  • Social support community

The 8 Essential Practices

The Thrive learning curriculum is structured around eight evidence-based practices designed to help participants achieve their goals.

  1. Know yourself better, judge yourself less. Participants learn to create the change they want by knowing and appreciating themselves today.
  2. Gain control of your personal environment. Participants learn to make healthy the only option in their immediate surroundings.
  3. Master the art of eating well. Participants rediscover the art of eating well by learning what, how much, and how often to eat.
  4. Identify and defeat negative thoughts. Participants learn to replace negative thoughts with a positive outlook that will prepare them for success.
  5. Learn to navigate difficult situations. Participants learn to resist temptation and make healthy choices even in the most difficult eating situations.
  6. Sit less. Move more. Participants learn to increase their activity levels ,regain energy and vitality while losing weight.
  7. Tame your stress response. Participants learn to recognize the source of their stress and how to manage their response.
  8. Take back your time and priorities. Participants learn to set achievable goals and maintain a schedule that supports healthy behaviors every day