Return to work screening tools

PicMed can help your business return to work.

  • Temperature reading – A common COVID -19 symptom is a patient’s elevated temperature. PicMed provides non-contact temperature measurements through two types of devices. Thermometers – medical grade, infrared forehead thermometers for the individual measurement of an employee’s temperature before workplace entry. Thermal scanners – heat sensitive cameras that measure the individual temperatures of members of a group at one time.
  • Rapid Covid-19 testing – Although a temperature reading is a great tool for symptom detection, it does not account for individuals that are latent or asymptomatic carriers of the virus. PicMed offers finger-stick testing that will provide an instant result of either active infection or antibody detection. The test will display one of three results: 1. Negative for active or past COVID -19 infection, 2. Negative for active COVID -19 but positive for COVID -19 antibodies, 3. Positive for active COVID -19 infection. PicMed will help your business navigate “no return” and HIPAA policies.
  • On-site services – Many businesses do not have the personnel or training to administer temperature scans and/or instant antibody tests. In these cases, PicMed provides personnel to conduct the screenings along with the screening supplies/equipment.
  • Protective supplies and equipment – Supplies of protective devices and materials are limited. However, PicMed provides sanitizing wipes and liquids for businesses to utilize throughout their facilities. PicMed also provides face coverings ranging from simple surgical masks to compliant N95 masks. When it is impossible to keep employees at a distance, sanitizers and face masks can make all the difference in the spread of a virus.